a Photo Taken is a Memory Made

“Light, Timing, and Emotion, all the ingredients for capturing a slice of life.”


Jas photography image of him sitting on a log and staring at a sunset. aPhotoTaken.com Jas (aka aPhotoTaker).

Hi, my name is Jas and I enjoy photography. Pressing the shutter button on the camera is like operating a time machine.  Each photo contains a certain type of light, emotion, and a mood that is forever frozen in time. 

 “A Photo Taken is a Memory Made.”  

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The Lockdown

The Lockdown

Night Light

Night Light

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My Top Three Photographs

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One of my very first nighttime shots with my new tripod. It captured everything I felt that night.  The excitement of being alone in the dark and some sense of fear as the coyotes were howling nearby. 

Many retakes were required to get this shot just right. Once the Sun was in position, activated the 10 sec. timer, ran to the spot while panting like a dog. Then had to stand still for the 30-second shutter timer, but it was all worth it!

As the light clock ticked away, I hopped into my car and drove quickly. Then I pulled out my bike from the trunk and rode with haste to the end of the jetty. At the same time looking at the Sun and saying "Wait for me."  The light did not disappoint.

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